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At last, in obedience to his will she made reply

21 Feb

It seems that spam emails are upping their game when it comes to attached messages. I love the title of the attached message for this typical money spinning spam.


my dad was going over things i can do to earn some xtra money, one of which he forwarded this *link*. After just 2 days i was making like 50-75$ a hour!!


Fwd: Saturday, February 19th, 2011 2:59 pm

Subject: re At last, in obedience to his will she made reply.

It rises during the closing ceremony, at the moment when stagecraft fades and the simplest of uman acts begins. The athletes walk in.
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That’s it: They walk into some stadium, as they did again Sunday evening at Vancouver’s B.C. Place to end the 2010 Winter Games, and the clearest picture of what the Olympics means emerges. Young people who have spent the months serving as civic heroes, national symbols, stand-ins for millions, become young again. Unlike the opening ceremony tradition of marching in national delegations in strict order, under a flag, at the closing men and women who have sweated against each other for weeks, sometimes years, walk out in an easy jumble, and soon mix, stand and dance until all national colors and flags become irrelevant.
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Spam Illustrated

4 Feb

As I was plugging away the blog on Twitter I received a reply from a brilliant illustrator called Rachel Lewis.

She has taken her (dis)like of spam and made it into an illustration project. Although there are only a handful what is there is great.


Do you like car rims?


In other spam related news a friend forwarded me with the title of some spam he received the other day:
“You will love the results on your organ”
… it may be short and sweet (the email, I have no knowledge of his organ) but it made me chuckle.