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Portable Wood Burning Oven

3 Feb
I obtained this as Christmas drew near in 2009. I found it so amusing that I decided to keep hold of it. A touching story from a woman called Elena, not asking for money at all… just the delivery of a rather odd item.

My name is Elena, I’m 32 year and I write you from Russian province. I work in town bibliotheca and I provided to use computer when I finish work if allowed. Our postiion is very difficulty and I decide write to you this message in despair.

I have little daughter, she is 8 years old, her father leaved us and we live with my mother.

As effect of deep crisis recently my mother lost job (a market where she was worked is now closed) and our situation became horrify.

Prices for gas and electricity is very high in our region and we unable use it to heating our home any more.

It is very cold already in our town and weather become colder each day. We are much disturbed and we have not experience what to do.

Now we can use the only one way to heating our home – it is to use portable wood burning oven which provide heat with burning wood (fire). We have enough wood in our town and this oven will provide heat for our sleeping room all winter with minimal cost.

We urgent need this oven, but we cannot purchase it in our local shop because it cost 8192 rubles (equivalent of 191 Euro) and we can not afford it.

If you possess any old portable wood burning oven and if you finished to use it, we will be very happy if you can give it to us and organize shipping of this oven to our address (170 km from Moscow). That oven can be different , they can be constructed from cast iron and weight 100 – 150kg.

I hope to hear from you back.

Elena with family.


Big Earner These Days

3 Feb

I received this from a man called muhammed rafi. I’m jumping to the conclusion that it is a man anyway. It was fairly short and sweet and unlike most things trying to con you out of money it set the bar low at 222 a week (although that could be diamonds I suppose).


LOng time man
did you hear i lost my job at Plant then like a month ago i started using this guide i ended up making like 222 in a few weeks!! I guess it was for the best!
I learned from – NewsOnline

talk to you later!